Due Date – February 14 (Valentine’s Day)

During my first appointment with my ob-gyn, I found out that I the baby’s due date was February 14 (Valentine’s Day). How perfect was that due date? But of course God and Tara had a different plan because she was 11 days late and arrived on the 25th at 12.27am. My Ob-gyn appointments were once a month, then they became twice a month and then they became weekly when it was about a month to the my due date. I signed up on sites such as Babycenter, Ovia, what to expect when you are expecting. The great thing about these sites is that you can include your baby’s due date and you get updates based on the stage you are in the pregnancy. I learnt a lot from reading the sites. You also get to read what other mothers are experiencing.

The first few weeks were “interesting” lol! Thankfully the pregnancy itself did not hit me too hard. I felt nauseous but wouldn’t throw up. In my opinion this is actually worse than throwing up. I went to bed early as I felt really tired. I also only had an appetite for spicy food. Thanks to my mother in law who made stew for me with just peppers. Unfortunately, I could not swallow those huge prenatal pills so I opted for the prenatal gummies. They were pretty good; for people like me, look out for Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins. I am also somewhat anemic so I had to take iron supplements. I took this in the liquid format – Pur Absorb liquid iron supplement. I used the apple flavor. The version without any flavor does not taste so great on its own but you can mix it with juice.

I decided to take pictures of myself to capture the different stages of the pregnancy and how I looked. My belly was pretty small and I didn’t really show until I was about 20 weeks and even at that, I could still hide it. See pictures below of Week 22 and Week 32 below –

Lola Week 22

Lola Week 32










Other than all the nausea and vitamins, iron supplements, I felt really eager to meet my little one. I wondered what and who should look like; what his/her personality would be;

I looked into my journal and below is what I wrote down at week 20 –

I felt the baby move this week YAY! On Monday to be precise. We are on the way to find out what the gender of the baby is. I think it’s a girl. Wale thinks it’s a boy. Either way, it’s a blessing. Can’t wait!

Few hours later – IT’S A GIRL!!! I predicted right. Daddy Wale thought a boy. Either way, we are so thrilled and grateful to Baba. Waist – 31 inches. I actually see the difference. It’s surreal!”

January 10, 2016 - 4:57 pm

Maureen - wow – thanks for sharing such intimate moments, and helpful tips Lola.
I look forward to more posts.

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