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Wedding Inspiration/Cake/Bridesmaids II

Happy Easter everyone!

I know it has been a while; we have been pretty busy lately.

 Today I wanted to share A FEW of the websites that I go to almost every day to get ideas on weddings, parties, the details etc. We shared one with you already – Pinterest – Others are –

I am sure most people know this but is also a very good place for a lot of DIY (Do-It-Yourself) stuff. Photography, Videography & Cake websites/blogs are also a good source as well. I will post on them later.

 These are only a few of the sites. I will send out some of my other inspirations sites in another post.


 Deciding on the cake design was also pretty interesting. I looked through a bunch of pictures which I will share with you. Thanks to Wale, Yewande and Nanyie who went went me on my cake tasting spree at different times.  I think the final decision made was a good one! I pray it turns out good on the big day.

When Wale and I started discussing what we would like, we wanted a simple and elegant cake. We did not want anything too big especially because the bigger the cake, the bigger the $$ :-). Fun fact – just because you might have seen a huge cake at someone’s wedding or on a blog, it may not be ALL cake; some people do not mind substituting cake with Styrofoam on some of the layers of the huge cake. Styrofoam is a cheaper option. OR You can have a smaller size cake and have sheet cake as well which can be cut up for the guests OR just have cupcakes for the guests. Cupcakes are quite popular at the moment and most people love them. Sometimes, these are much cheaper than ordering a huge cake to feed all guests.

As I began looking I came across these cakes; people also sent me different ideas. It is not an easy task, trust me! There are too many cake options – traditional white wedding cakes, tiered cakes, floral cakes, cakes with macaroons etc. But just like when I found my wedding dress, I knew it when I found THE ONE!

(c) fluffy thoughts

(c) msn living

(c) msn living

Bridesmaid II – Monisola Baruwa

Finally, I would like to introduce Bridesmaids II – Moni so so!!! ATL Shawty!

 This babe and I have known each other since 1996! We went to Trinity International College in Ofada, Ogun State, Nigeria together. She was a year my senior and boy –o-boy did she milk that! Lol! We began to get close and became members of the “contour” family, lol! Over the years, Moni and I always kept in touch and a lot of people actually used to think that Moni lived in DC because she was here quite often – Moni just accept your fate and move to DC! Lol!

 I love this babe a lot! She has been there through the years; knows most of gist! She met Wale as well and they clicked. Moni has also met my family members and I have met hers as well and they are all great people. I have also met some amazing people through Moni who I have developed relationships with as well. Moni is a crazy, fun loving person; she used to be quiet & shy until she made a decision in her life and everything changed; she became crazy!!! Lol! Just kidding!:-)

 Thanks for allll your help boo and thanks for saying YES to being a member of my bridal party!



April 11, 2012 - 4:11 pm

bree [capitolromance] - Ah! so honored to be listed as one of your “go-to” sites for wedding inspiration :) you guys rock ~ I cannot wait to see your wedding!

May 2, 2012 - 1:19 am

Adebola Adesoye - So is THE cake among those cakes above?? Hehehehe

May 9, 2012 - 8:05 pm

elizabeth - moni so so …. luv this girl too …. she is a gem …

Engaged Magazine Bridal Showcase & Bridesmaid I

My dear sister, Yewande told Wale & I about the Engaged Magazine Bridal Showcase in DC.

After reading what it was about, we got our tickets and we got a good deal from one of the Jetsetter website.  Four of us attended – Yewande, Bukky, Wale & I and we had a great time. It is a pretty cool event. In a nutshell, guests are given access to four different hotels in DC and get a tour of the hotels. These hotels are potential wedding venue locations. Limo buses were provided to transport the guests from one venue to the next. While at the hotels, guests get to see different vendors (cake, bridal gowns, photography, videography, photobooth, make-up artists, hair stylists, bands and many more). There was also a lot of food, drinks and PRIZES at each hotel. We had such a great time. Yewande was our lovely photographer! Brides planning on getting married in the DMV should definitely look into attending this showcase in the future.

yummy georgetown cupcakes

a manager from one of the hotels, playing along with Wale, lol!

Kendall’s cakes station

Bridesmaid I

Today, I would also like to introduce you to Numero Uno of my bridesmaids – Omolola Olowude. Omolola Olowude (a.k.a. Omololi) is my lovely namesake. I met Lola in North Carolina through DamyB (one of my maids of honor). I remember meeting her and thinking – this chic can feel!!!! Lol! Na, kidding. Omololi was very friendly and pleasant. We clicked immediately and when she moved to MD, we became much closer. We were partners in crime in DC, I miss you babe! Come back to DC *sniff* *sniff*. She is very reliable and one of the very few friends that I have that is always ON TIME!!!! Kudos to you! Lola is another one of my gisting partners; she always has correct gist! Hehe! Love you bebe! Lola introduced me to her lovely fam which has also become my fam. Thanks for everything! Did I mention that this babe is SMART!!! Ask her what her GPA was in undergrad and her masters:-)



March 29, 2012 - 8:53 pm

Duola - The showcase looked like it was lovely. meanwhile those cakes…yum!!!

Hi Omolollii!

May 9, 2012 - 8:07 pm

elizabeth - sitting her looking at the picture of the two of you under the tree.. and couldnt help myself.. i was screaming .. KISS KISS KISS.. lol… hoping the next picture would be that… lets just say .. wale i am disappointed

August 14, 2012 - 5:17 am

LolaWale Wedding Trailer/Short Film » Lola and Wale - […] Recognize the faces in the 5th picture? Hehe!  Here’s the post about Engaged here. We met Don’s wife – Denise and were basically sold! We set up a meeting with Don to go […]

Walking down the aisle

I have been listening to songs recently, trying to pick the song I would love to walk down the aisle to. I am really struggling with this; I wonder why? I don’t want the song to be toooooo slow or toooo fast; something regular I guess. But somehow, I can’t seem to decide and it is driving me nuts! Maybe I am overthinking it; actually, I am definitely overthinking it, lol! I guess I think it will be such a significant moment for me. Walking down the aisle to finally say YES to my dearest boo. I hope I won’t ruin my make up with numerous tears, lol!

Please if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to suggest them to me; any help would be greatly appreciated.

(c) zimbio

By the way, we are completed stoked that Dotun Ayodeji of Dotun’s Photolounge will be our wedding photographer. Please see some pictures from our first photoshoot with him on his blog –

Wale and I absolutely love the pictures. I still can’t believe that I walked on the streets of chinatown in DC in that outfit. It actually did not really dawn on me until I got out of my car and started walking to meet Dotun. Wale was pretty calm and relaxed; he did not care much about the audience we have, but I was SHY! I hope that’s not obvious in the photos.




March 5, 2012 - 4:49 pm

Temi - Here comes the bride, all dressed in …….lol…Just kidding, no ideas, but if I come up with one, I’ll let you know :) Best!

March 5, 2012 - 8:37 pm

She - I looooooooooooove the photoshoot! Gosh! I love love! Ugh!

Oh! Yeah, there’s this song, “The one He kept for me” by Maurette Brown Clark! It’s funny but I’ve never heard it! Only heard of it and I fell head over hills in love with the title! You should check it out!:)

March 5, 2012 - 8:41 pm

She - I looooooooooooove the photoshoot! Gosh! I love love! Ugh!

Oh! Yeah,there’s this song, “The One He Kept For Me” by Maurette Brown Clark. It’s funny but I’ve never heard it, only heard of it and read the lyrics, which are gorgeous! You should check it out! All the best with your search!

March 9, 2012 - 3:59 pm

Yinks - Well the first q is, do you want fast or slow, solemn or upbeat…after we eliminate the fast or slow then it will be easier to narrow down…”The one he kept for me” is a gorgeous song indeed. I heard it at one of the weddings I shot a couple years back and it has stayed with me!
Of course if you want fast and rap Walking down that aisle by LL cool J is a nice one (LOL see those 2 songs do run the gamut so you have to start with what pace you really want :>)) All the best my dear!

March 9, 2012 - 10:49 pm

Peejay - Hey guys! Congrats on ur engagement! I love ur website! I am a sucker for weddings and photography 😀
From this moment – Shania Twain
If u love smooth jazz – U can go for Forever In Love by Kenny G
Because u loved me – celine dion
All my life – kci and jojo

March 13, 2012 - 3:00 am

Lola - Thanks guys! All the suggestions so far are great. the decision will not be easy!

April 17, 2012 - 3:24 pm

Simi - I Promise (The wedding song) By Cece Winans.

Selecting Bridesmaids


(c) bridesmaids movie

Selecting my bridesmaids was tough for me because I have very diverse friends who are special to me in various ways. The question became how many bridesmaids should I have? Wale already had his number regardless of how many I chose lol! He did give a limit though because he knew I could decide to go all crazy. Most photographers I know want the couple to have a small bridal party because I guess it’s easier to take photos and manage the people one is dealing with. There are probably more reasons but this is all I kept hearing from Wale; left to him, we should just have the maid of honor and the best man, end of story, “chikena”. Unfortunately, I could not comply with that, lol! Sorry boo!

So, as I have done with a lot of decisions that I had to make for the wedding, I researched who to choose to be your bridesmaids and how to ask them. It is very interesting the various articles that come up. One interesting one that I came across on mentioned “please, please, it’s your wedding, and don’t let age and physical appearance stop you from asking someone to be your bridesmaid”.  Another site – said you should choose someone who is accommodating; she should be able to wear a dress that may not be her ideal choice without complaining. Also someone who is reliable and helpful, who will show up on time for fittings, rehearsals etc. and will assist in errands, shopping etc. Finally, do not ask someone to be your bridesmaid just because you were their bridesmaids.

The next decision I had to make after selecting the maids was – how will I tell them? To some people, this is not a big deal; a phone call will do or just casually tell them next time you see them. I spoke with Funke, a friend of Wale & I who said she recorded videos and sent to her maids. I absolutely loved that idea and wanted to do it but I decided not to because most people who know me, know that I am a cry baby and would probably not be able to complete the videos without crying. I also decided not to do it over the phone because I would probably cry through it all and I also wanted to give them time to think about it as opposed to answering immediately in case they were uninterested. Therefore, I decided to write a personalized email to each one of them telling them how special they are to me; why I truly love and appreciate their friendship and finally asking them to stand with me on my big day. I did leave a statement in there telling them to let me know if for any reason they could not do it. Thank God no one responded –  “no”; my heart would’ve sunk. I will introduce my maids of honor to you in this post and subsequently my bridesmaids. The organized a pre-engagement ceremony shower for me in Lagos, THANKS LADIES!!!!

photo by LP

After I got all my “Yes” responses, the next hurdle was – what will they wear???

Long dresses?


Short dresses in the same color?

(c) Gotcha Covered

Different dresses in different colors?

(c) Alfred Sung

Different, unique, casual, unexpected dresses?

(c) Aisle with style

All white dresses like the kardashians:-)

(c) catwalkqueen

Should they choose or should I choose?

Decisions! Decisions! All I knew was that I wanted them to be comfortable and also look fab in the dresses. How to merge both is not an easy task especially because different people have different opinions and styles.  Newsflash – Know your birdesmaids!!!I think it is very important to know your bridesmaids; if you think leave the decision up to them would cause major drama, then I would opt out of doing that. If you think deciding for them would be the easiest route then totally go with that. The goal is to make every process in the wedding STRESS-FREE! Also, you do not want to lose a friend over the whole bridesmaid saga.

All that being said, I think we (my bridesmaids & I) have been able to finalize on the look we are trying to achieve and I believe everyone is happy:-)can’t wait to see them in the beautiful dresses!

Maids of Honors

In alphabetical order, my beautiful ladies areeeee (drum rolls please!!!)

Damilola Olubanwo (aka DamyB)

Mailaka Toyo (aka Mallytizers)

I love these gals die! I love these gals to pieces! We have been best friends since high school. Over the years, we lived apart in different countries but we have always been in touch and whenever we meet together we always have a blast! Dami is our lepa sandy. She is a fine babe who is a “rocket” (inside joke, lol!). She likes having a good time and always shows me a great time, whenever I am in Lagos. Mallytizers is our foreigner – she has lived in South Africa & in Ethiopia. She has the best shape in the world! very comical and knows how to give correct gist. I didn’t even need to send them the email to request them to be my maids because they already knew. But me being me, I still had to ask. DamyB with her coconut head initially responded with this – “Actually, I think i am booked that day oh….can we reschedule?” LOL!!

Eventually they both responded and I was elated.


More to come! Sorry for the long post

February 21, 2012 - 3:22 pm

Duola - Awww, who knew so much though went into picking ze bridesmaids. Thought you just had to ask your close friends…then again with you everyone attending will be on the train…hehe

BTW… hawt maids of honor!!!

February 21, 2012 - 6:41 pm

Baby - Awwwww. leave it to the rocket to try to reschedule. Curious to see what choice of dresses you settled for….

The random casual/unexpected dresses does sound interesting.

February 25, 2012 - 1:48 pm

She - OMG! I only discovered your blog last week! I absolutely love it! You two are so cute that I’ve said a prayer for your marriage a few times in only 7 days!! I have a feeling your wedding is going to be absolutely lovely! Oh! And I pray your marriage is waaaay lovelier!:D

March 21, 2012 - 4:19 pm

Engaged Event & Bridesmaid I » Lola and Wale - […] Omolola Olowude (a.k.a. Omololi) is my lovely namesake. I met Lola in North Carolina through DamyB (one of my maids of honor). I remember meeting her and thinking – this chic can feel!!!! Lol! Na, […]

Yes to the Groom Suit….?

One of the few advantages of having a long engagement is having all the time in the world to plan.

Ummm….now we are only a few months away. Yikes!!! Lola has been on me about getting my suit since she already said yes to her dress. So it’s about that time I get this task done.  I started the search a few months ago (and by a few months, I mean just a few weeks ago) to see what color suit I should get. I’ve gone through various suits of the rack, mostly from Nordstrom and was about to settle for a Hugo Boss tuxed-suit because it looked the best. I loved the way it felt. But it had no character really….and it was expensive.   So I figured I look into getting something custom made just for me.

I asked our friend, Femi, who is a stylish lawyer in Maryland. Dude has exquisite taste.  He introduced me to a tailor here in DC that had a bunch of fabric choices. And I could also add a bunch of elements that I want. So I may be wearing an aqua suit with an orange tie :-).  Anyways…these are some options:


Okay…maybe it’s not as exciting as picking out Lola’s wedding dress. But I plan on having fun with my suit. Send me ideas if you have any (or leave a comment below.